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Redefining Human CapitalTM


Liderança (lē′dər an sa) means “leadership” in Portuguese. The great explorers in history, including Prince Henry the Navigator, launched into unknown waters seeking a new world of great riches. In every journey, the Navigator on board assessed the conditions of the sea, the quality of the crew, the direction of the wind, and the goals defined by the Captain in order to arrive at their destination.

That’s why we formed Liderança Group and named our business transformation experts Navigators. Unlike most professional services firms that give you a map and launch you out to sea, we serve as part of your crew, helping you navigate the course to achieve your goals.

Your team is young, smart, creative, and launching a business concept that will disrupt the status quo and, you hope, change the world. At the same time, you are about to encounter large, entrenched competitors and operating problems that will challenge the organization and require deep experience to navigate … We can help.

Your team is seasoned, experienced, and has substantial domain knowledge. You have enjoyed a long journey of success, but are encountering head-winds. Traditional competitors and new, disruptive businesses, with deep capital support, are forcing you to plot a new course to maintain success for your business … We can help.

Who We Are

We are a unique consulting firm that applies the principles that have made some of Silicon Valley’s most famous companies so successful, to help new and mature organizations navigate the waters of disruption or expansion.

How We Work

Integrating our Liderança Lifecycle Value™ framework into everything we do

When you engage with a Liderança Navigator, you will receive a proven, step-by-step process and an attitude rooted in positivity, transparency, and urgency.

The LLV framework delivers scientifically tested tools developed by the Liderança team and successfully deployed into some of the largest companies in the world. Our proprietary LLV framework identifies leadership gaps, deploys effective programs for remediation, and accelerates and evaluates success. The framework includes the following steps:

1. Assess the current state of the organization
2. Chart the optimal course
3. Implement the plan
4. Accelerate the program and measure the results/outcomes
5. Course-correct and next steps

Our Division Product Lines

Assessment Leaders

Assessment Leaders helps companies create amazing workplaces through a variety of proprietary and proven tools to help organizations assess their leadership effectiveness, employee engagement, and workplace culture. In the hands of our seasoned Navigators, these tools provide actionable insight to improve performance and productivity.

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Leadership Balance

Leadership Balance combines contemporary leadership principles with proven strategies to develop cognitive competency, mental toughness, and an encouraging spirit. We call it “Mind to Lead. Will to Lead. Heart to Lead.”

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Acceleration Analytics

Liderança applies custom analytics to optimize and accelerate your performance in the marketplace. Outsmart your competition and speed up results by leveraging the power of relevant, actionable data.

Our Service Delivery Channels

Navigator Network

Liderança has a global network of seasoned consultants we call Navigators™. Our team has deep experience with some of the most successful companies in Silicon Valley including Apple, Microsoft, and IBM. For more information, enter our world.

Liderança Institute

Liderança Institute, led by Dr. Mark Tuggle, is pioneering leading methodologies to assess the strength of leadership in organizations. We train our Navigators to deliver the services necessary to weave the Leadership Lifecycle Value™ into the fabric and culture of a company.

Talent Exchange

Liderança maintains an affiliated network of senior executives who can provide executive leadership; development, marketing and sales support; and finance expertise on a contract basis. We can deploy these extraordinary assets into Liderança customers to fill strategic gaps in an organization for 30 to 180 days.

Redefining Human Capital™


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