One Page® Planning and Performance System The fastest, easiest way to write and execute a strategic business plan!

Accelerate Your Company's Growth With our Cloud-Based Planning Solutions
Every team manager has a plan & now it's just a click away!
It starts online with our Cloud-Based System
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Growth requires focus… The One Page® Planning system is designed to help sales executives create blueprints for rapid sales growth.

• Start with your existing team and scale up as your company grows.
• Track critical goals and KPIs with simple cloud-based dashboard system.
• Easy-to-use reporting system tracks critical sales programs and initiatives
• Simple, effective accountability
• Highly effective coaching tool.

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Simple. Powerful. Affordable.

The One Page Business Plan® is Much More than a Simple Planning Process…

It is a management and results-oriented platform that assures plans and goals created at the beginning of the year are actually implemented and achieved. As an extra bonus below
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and focus year-round with the power of the One Page® Business plan! 

We Make It Easy

How? For starters, everyone gets one-to-one mentoring.

You never start with a blank page in our system. We provide thought-provoking assessments, smart templates, interactive prompts and real-world examples that simplify getting your plan out of your head and on to paper.

Fast Starts

We make it easy to get started fast. You’ll be up and running in 48 hours.

• Implemented with your management team within 30 days.
• No special training required.
• No travel required.
• No preparation and no homework!

See How It Works

This is a better way to run your business. We are so confident in your success, we’ve included these incredible resources.

Detailed four-page program. click here!
Video Introduction. click here! 
Find and hold your focus Powerpoint.

One Page Solutions for Sales Forces of all Sizes

Over 100,000 Sales Professionals Have Written One Page Plans

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Very Powerful Process that I Highly Recommend!
"We have over 200 salespeople from Group VP's to front-line managers with One Page plans. This process caused executives and peers to inspire and challenge one another and to collaboratively craft the best possible plans. What emerged were clear, well understood and most importantly, aligned planes and commitments. This is a very powerful process that I highly recommend."
-Nuge Ajouz, VP Sales Consultants, Oracle Corporation
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One Page Business Plans are a Great Way to Help our Managers Stay Strategic
"The One Page Planning method, along with the web-based tool, is a great way to help our managers stay strategic even though their days may be spent working primarily on tactical issues." -PJ Anderson, CEO, OP Contract, San Francisco Miller franchise
I Love My One Page Plan! Last Year I Made $250,000
"My first year as a rookie financial advisor was tough, I made only $13,000. Last year I mad $250,000 and I mostly attribute it to having a OPBP for the last three years. After creating my plan, particularly my mission Statement I stopped cold calling and started focusing on my LGBT community which was the reason I can into this industry. I love my One Page Plan! -Cheryl Rebottaro, Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Our 20 Year History of Success
Mid-market companies, sales organizations, non-profits, and divisions of Fortune 500 companies use our systems for creating and cascading plans throughout their organizations to build a culture of alignment, execution and predictable results.