Leadership Balance Quotient (Lbq) Offers Competencies For Today’s Multigenerational
Palo Alto, California (PRWEB) July 25, 2017 — In a world of ever-changing priorities and an ever-renewing
focus on effectiveness, companies are struggling to keep up with leadership development and change
management. However, the struggle can be an item of the past with a new tool, specifically created to empower
companies to achieve stronger growth than ever before.
“Under immense pressure with revolutionary change in markets, technology, culture, and workforce dynamics,
over five generations of professionals are in the workforce today,” explains Cathy Light, CEO of Leadership
Balance, “As leaders are being challenged to maintain a delicate balance of business and human capital, we saw
a tremendous need for our LBq tool to educate and empower companies to greater success than ever before.”
Unveiling the launch of their new product, Leadership Balance Quotient (LBq), Leadership Balance CEO
Cathy Light and Chief Learning Officer Mark Tuggle, PhD. are elated to offer workplaces the ability to:
• Measure a unique combination of competencies that encompass cognitive (mind), psycho-motor-motor (will),
and affective (heart) aspects of the leader. Most leadership assessments are not able to offer all three.
• Measure only dimensions of leadership that can be developed instead of things like personality or IQ that
can’t. It yields truly actionable insight.
Scientifically reliable and measuring 11 aspects of leadership, the LBq tool is the first of its kind to measure
leadership capabilities while guiding organizations each step of the way. As a powerful process for developing
a new generation of effective leaders, the tool provides a micro view of each individual’s readiness and current
leadership effectiveness on three dimensions: mind, will, and heart.
By helping leaders develop mental competency, physical endurance and health, and relational skills, the LBq is
an effective tool for team and organizational renewal, greater efficiency, and more powerful growth.
“The LBq can be taken as a stand-alone ME Version, or a 360 Multi-Rater assessment, providing valuable
insight to help a leader (or prospective leader) focus on his or her leadership competency development for
greater effectiveness and balance,” Mark Tuggle, Ph D., Chief Learning Officer of Leadership Balance.
Companies can take advantage of the launch of the LBq by trying a free version, LBq-Lite, located here. This
exclusive free trial offers individuals and organizations the ability to try a lighter-version of the assessment tool
for a limited time.